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Inside C2 a Salon

1590 Island Ln #10

Fleming Island, FL


WEDNESDAY // 10am-8pm

FRIDAY // 10am - 8pm

SUNDAY // 9am - 7pm

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About Keanne

Welcome to my business babes! I’m Keanne, originally from Waialua, Hawaii and now proudly serving the Fleming Island community. I make the trip back to Oahu to do hair at least 4 times a year!

I have been a stylist for almost 10 years, and licensed in 3 states. I’ve never been more in love with my clients or my craft. I specialize in lived in color and cuts. While I work on all textures, I'm working toward mastering wavy and curly textured hair! I'm on a mission to build confidence and empower you to take pride in your hair.

As your stylist, we'll work together to create a vision for your hair journey. Whether it's rehabilitating to bring out your texture or trying bangs for the first time, I want to ensure we reach your goals! You'll also learn a bunch a cool stuff along the way. I will check in at every visit and go over any latest trends that we may be able to adapt to your style.

When I’m not in the salon I’m hanging out with my family, travelling somewhere, or taking a trip to the ocean. Between Florida and Hawaii, I know all the tips to keep your hair looking amazing even after a dip in the sea!

I am a creative person, so I will probably pick your brain about your business, cricut, music, or any projects you have going on. I love learning what lights you up!


Click here to check out my service menu or to book an appointment. Email me at if you have any questions. I can’t wait to meet you!

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